Credits, Acknowledgements

Festival AcadiensPhotos taken by Fredda Seidenbaum and friends, unless otherwise indicated. Photos and music used with permission.

With photo with Creole dancer James Schlesinger, “Motor Dude Special,” by Beau Jocque, composed by W. Chavis (Flat Town Music), from his Rounder CD #2134, Git it, Beau Jocque.  Used with permission. Photo taken by Don Keller.

With photos dancing with local teacher Jim Dugas @ Randol’s taken by Sandra Mier, and with Miriam Fontenot-Trahan taken by Paula LaFleur @ Pat’s Atchafalaya Club, Henderson, LA: “Mamou Hot Step,” by Ray Abshire, composed by Maurice Berzas, (Flat Town Music)  from Swallow #6227: Tous la Nuit. Used with permission.

With photo of local Mardi Gras celebrants Peggy Dersh and Ted Edinger : “La Danse de Mardi Gras,” traditional, by Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys from Rounder CD # 6068:     La Toussaint. Used with permission. Photo taken at Iota, LA Mardi Gras.

Photo with Mona L. “Zydeco Queen” Wilson taken by James Schlesinger.

With photo with musician (and dancer) Geno Delafose: “Je va’s jamais la voir encore,” by Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie, Le Ranch Double D Music (BMI – administered by Bug) from Rounder CD #2151: La Chanson Perdue. Used with permission. Photo taken at Scandal’s Nightclub, Lafayette, LA.

Photo with Cajun dancer and teacher Al Muller, Jr. taken by Joy Aldridge at Mulate’s, New Orleans, LA.

With both photos teaching with Peter Muldavin @ Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing © Steve Harris:  “Cherokee Waltz,” traditional, by Joe Hall & the Louisiana Cane Cutters, from Fruge Records CD #20112, Thirty Dobb Special.

With photo dancing with Sid Williams taken by Les Berenson: “Zydeco Girl,” by Nathan & the Zydeco Cha-Chas, from Cha-Cha Records CCR0005# : A New Road.  Used with permission.

Photo with Lincoln Center 2005 dance posse (Peter Muldavin, Sue West, Arn Burkhoff, Maggie Hoffee, Denise Ellis, Barbara Greenfield, Bob Taffer) © Joseph Schembri.

With photos with Cajun dancers Don Brasseaux,  and Brandon Broussard: The Band Courtbouillon, “The Patassa Two-Step,” traditional, from their Valcour Records CD # 016: The Band Courtbouillon. Used with permission.

With photos of Festivals Acadiens and local Southwest Louisiana egret: “Au Revoir,” by T-Mamou, composed by Sam Broussard (Roundpeg Music) from their Swallow CD #6160, Cajun and Creole Jam. Used with permission.

local Lafayette, LA egret
SW Louisiana egret seeking dance partner

Special thanks: Miriam Fontenot-Trahan, Joy Aldridge, Peter Muldavin, James Schlesinger, Jim Dugas, Mona L. “Zydeco Queen” Wilson, Greg Benusa, Don and Mary Keller, Al Muller,  Joseph Schembri, Steve Harris, Joel Savoy, and Roger Weiss (of Boston Webco) for all their help and patience. Also thanks to the artists (and their labels) whose music graces this website: Steve Riley, Nathan Williams, Ray Abshire, Geno Delafose, Joseph Hall, the late Al Berard, the late Beau Jocque.

Special remembrance on recent losses of contributors to the Cajun/zydeco music scene: Al Berard and Beverly Visosky. They are sorely missed.