The infectiousness of zydeco and Cajun music are getting people around the world dancing to their lively, upbeat sounds. Cajun and zydeco have elements of swing, rock, country & western, plus influences from France, Africa, the bayous and the Caribbean.

Fredda with Mardi Gras folks
with local Mardi Gras celebrants
Peggy Dersh & Ted Edinger

Lessons will introduce you to Cajun/Creole waltz, two-step, zydeco and Cajun jitterbug.

Whether you’ve never danced before, or are just someone who can’t sit still for this energizing music,  Fredda’s lessons will make you proficient enough to enjoy regular dances in the tri-state area and Louisiana.

The focus is dance instruction, including basic techniques of leading and following, with some information on the Cajun and Creole cultures.

Handouts include: recommended recordings, readings, videotapes, websites, dance etiquette and safety, plus dances and festivals in the tri-state area, as well as in Louisiana.

Fredda and Mona Wilson
with Creole dancer and teacher
Mona L. “Zydeco Queen” Wilson

Note: Fredda teaches in a private Manhattan studio, without distractions (most dance studios hold private lessons in a large room, which is shared with other people, dance and music types).

Before your lesson:

Whether you’re familiar with the music or not, it’s helpful to spend a little time listening. Take a couple of five-minute sessions the week before your lesson; play the music when there are no distractions. Listen for the beat and try moving your feet and body to it — even just tapping your foot or fingers. You’ll be amazed how much this will help learning the dances.

For your lesson

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and leather-soled shoes. Bring a water bottle (there are fountains on site).

After your class or lesson

Like any skill, practice is the key. You can do this at home looking in a mirror. Go to dances, dance and watch others. Take refresher lessons, not just to learn new steps for also for review; to hone your skills and improve movement and styling. After her years of dancing, Fredda still takes private lessons to renew these.