Teaching Availability

with Creole musician/dancer
Geno Delafose

Fredda is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher who loves to get people dancing; she believes that anyone who really wants to learn to dance can. Her special talent is diagnosing dance problems, then knowing and applying the best techniques to solve them. Fredda has succeeded in teaching many people who had previously thought they could never dance.

  • Beginner through advanced, private lessons, classes, workshops, weddings, parties, benefits, review sessions
  • For singles, couples, classes and workshops for up to 300 people
  • Private lessons:  90 minute initial lesson, then 1 hour lessons as requested; timing can be tailored to your needs, and packages are also available
  • Useful handouts provided include bands and tri-state area events
with Fredda
with Cajun dancer and teacher
Al Muller, Jr.

Her extensive experience teaching and performing international folk dance taught her to observe and learn subtleties of styling among dances and between geographic regions  (she’s danced with locals in 23 countries, and enjoys dancing swing, vintage, ballroom, country & western, contra and Latin).  Because of this, her lessons focus on steps, but also include tips on styling and interaction with partners and others on the dance floor.

Please note:  Though sometimes exceptions are possible, typically, 7-10 days’ advance notice is needed for scheduling lessons. Busy teaching seasons may require more lead time: January (for Mardi Gras), April (for JazzFest and Crawfish Fest) and June (for summer festivals).